The Competency of Islamic Education Students (IES) During Teaching Practicum


  • Halim Ismail International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Azam Othman International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Syarifah Rohaniah Syed Mahmood International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Hasniza Ibrahim International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Noor Azizi Ismail University Sains Islam Malaysia
  • Mohd Aderi Che Noh University Sains Islam Malaysia



Teaching Practicum, Islamic Education


Malaysia Education Transformation Development Plan (2013-2025) dignified the teaching profession in Malaysia by focusing on programs and activities to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning. Quantitative research design was used to determine the level of students’ competency during school-based teaching practicum.  Questionnaires were distributed to 56 former students of Bachelor Islamic Education, ages 21 to 30 years old. The results revealed that competencies in instructional strategies had the highest mean (M=4.19), while competencies in content knowledge had the lowest mean (M=3.93). This study impacted Islamic Education Students (IES) to improve their content knowledge further, identify misunderstandings, scaffold instruction to support students struggling with the learning and materials and incorporate student-led learning into their teaching sessions.


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